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April 16 Memorial

April 16 Memorial (16x9)
The April 16 Memorial

In the hours following the April 16 tragedy, the student-driven volunteer organization Hokies United placed 32 Hokie Stones on the Drillfield. The semi-circle of stones became a place to gather, to mourn, and to reflect, and the poignant display inspired today’s memorial. As a community, we dedicate 32 engraved Hokie Stones in honor and in memory of the members of our Hokie family who lost their lives. Hokie Stone has long symbolized the foundation of Virginia Tech. Now, it also symbolizes our relentless spirit, our courage to move forward, and our determination never to forget.

Two stone paths have been constructed to allow viewing of the stones and a memorial flower area at the base of the Reviewing Stand. A row of shrubs provides a backdrop to the stones between the pathways, and ground lighting illuminates the stones at night.

The new stones weigh 300 lbs. each. A single stone in the center of the memorial honors all the fallen and injured victims of that day.